A Vision, A Plan


Howard County moved from the shadows of Baltimore City and County in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s with Jim Rouse’s vision for an inclusive community between the Baltimore and Washington D.C. corridors.  Howard County has become recognized nationally for its quality of life by all who are fortunate to call it home.

It is important that the decisions made today provide for an orderly process as the county moves forward.  The Howard County Council members serve as the County’s Zoning Board; thus, it is important that its members view the county as one county and make decisions that represent all residents and districts.  Having served on the County Appeals Board for 10 years and as a member of the Charter Review Commission, I offer “A Vision, A plan” to you, the voters, if elected to represent District 5.


  • TAXES - "Government funding" is your tax dollars. I will fight to hold the line on taxes, be a responsible steward, respectful of your hard-earned money, and work to reduce taxes wherever possible.
  • PUBLIC SAFETY - Police, fire, and rescue services are a high priority and must be responsibly budgeted and staffed in order to meet the growing needs of the county. 
  • EDUCATION - Continue raising the educational standards for Howard County’s nationally top-ranked public schools to achieve the best results for your taxpayer dollars.  Recruit and retain the best and brightest educators.
  • OPEN SPACE – Preserve and maintain current open space and work to incorporate more open space with additional acquisition of land for community parks.
  • DEVELOPMENT – Development continues to be a significant area of concern with residents.  The county is currently faced with overcrowded schools at all levels, major traffic congestion, and an infrastructure insufficient to meet future demands. I support orderly and responsible development after adequate infrastructure has been built and ensure that future development does not outpace the county’s ability to adequately support it.
MDGOP Candidate