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Community Leaders Support Jim Walsh for County Council District 5

Video Testimonials

I'm With Jim Walsh for Howard County Council

John Lederer, is a 54 year resident of Howard County, a community trusted Business Owner of Frosty Refrigeration Company, 8 Year Appointed Member of the Howard County Board of Appeals, Community Activist, and President of the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation.

John believes Jim Walsh has the Right Experience to represent Howard County District 5. He believes Jim is the right choice for Howard County Council District 5 to be Ready on Day One!

“As a 54 year resident of Howard County, I have been part of many community groups and one of the things people are most concerned with are quality of life issues. Jim understands those issues because of the many things he’s done on the County Board of Appeals through regulations and law. Jim is very adept to the law, he was a mentor to me after I was appointed to the Board of Appeals. Jim is very intelligent, unbiased, follows the regulations yet is very rational and reasonable in his deliberations and decisions. Jim will be a great asset on the County Council.”


Colleen Layton-Robbins, Trusted life long resident of Howard County Pioneer of Howard County's Wildlife Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center

“As a Board of Appeals member, Jim pays attention to what constituent’s concerns are. Jim listens to people’s concerns, ponders and tweaks solutions so it works for everybody. Jim is able to deal with people’s emotions and quell the drama during public hearings so rational decisions based on law can be made. Who I am as a human being, as a landowner, as a taxpayer, I believe in who he is and I’m all behind Jim.”

Colleen Layton-Robbins Believes in Jim Walsh4HoCo District 5


Brian Jolles, of Jolles Insurance is a community trusted Business Owner in Howard County. Brian is involved in many community charity events focusing on Healthy Howard County issues. His is the We Promote Health community leader.

“I’ve known Jim Walsh for 25 years as a business owner, attorney and member of the Board of Appeals. Jim stands up for the people of the county and does the right thing. I support Jim because he is fair, has the right experience, the integrity, and the honesty and that is why Jim is going to be a great county councilman.”

Here he explains why he supports Jim Walsh on Day One and why he believes Jim Walsh is the right choice for Howard County Council District 5

Brian Jolles Endorses Jim Walsh For County Council


Oliver Henderson, of Keller Williams Real Estate, business leader, is a community trusted realtor in Howard County. Oliver explains why he supports Jim Walsh on Day One and why he believes Jim Walsh is the right choice for Howard County Council District 5

“Jim has always been at the top of my list when it comes to honesty and integrity and I have the pleasure of being able to call Jim a friend. It is critical to have someone in place to have a candid conversation with and trust that they are going to do the right thing and I have always seen Jim as that type of person. I support Jim.”

"An experienced trusted representative" - Jim Walsh has the right qualifications to be Ready on Day One!

Oliver Henderson Endorses Jim Walsh

Written Testimonials

Eileen Sturgill, constituent -“Jim Walsh is approachable, dependable, responsive, attentive. Somebody who talks to you, listens to your feedback, and also gets back to you.”

Kathy Priebe, law colleague - “I’ve known Jim both professionally and personally for over 25 years. His depth of legal knowledge, plans for addressing the issues, extensive public service, and impeccable integrity make him the candidate the Citizens of District 5 can count on.”

John Wilkinson, Esq. constituent, attorney, law colleague -“Jim Walsh is an honest hard-working friend to everyone in Howard County. His legal knowledge, attentiveness, and experience will greatly benefit the County Council.

Barbara Nye, CPA -“I’ve known Jim for over eight years. His experience on the Board of Appeals, his keen mind and knowledge base as an attorney and CPA, and as a settled resident of Howard County I can’t imagine anyone else being as well-qualified as Jim to represent the Citizens of District 5 and for that matter, all of Howard County. He will be an outstanding addition to the County Council.”

Charles Poyer, long-time Howard County resident and prior political activist - ”Jim Walsh is honorable, knowledgeable, industrious, and a long-time Howard County resident. Jim will be a great member of the Howard County Council.”

Betty Evans, business executive, political activist -”I am having a hard time narrowing it down. Please help because I love everything about Jim. He is a great listener. He is kind, nothing like you know who...

James Schaefer, Esq. attorney - “Jim Walsh has been a close friend of mine for the last 43 years. His credentials, his smarts and his integrity make him the ideal candidate for Howard County Council. He is a man of strong convictions. I can think of no better person to serve the residents of Howard County.”

Michael Keresman, Entrepreneur - “In my professional career I’ve helped build three enterprises and thus have met many professionals, executives, media personnel, politicians, religious authorities and socialites and have know Jim for over forty years.  Without a doubt Jim is at the very top of the list in honesty, integrity and the desire to make this world a better place. More simply put, he is a good man.”


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