A Vision - A Plan - Accessible

DEVELOPMENT - Orderly responsible growth, protecting property rights,
adequate roads and utilities, uncrowded schools, preserve open space,
Ag preservation, support farming.
Guided the Board of Appeals to render the key decision against the proposed
Dar-us-Salaam over-development of the former Woodmont Academy property.

Watch a Video Explanation

SCHOOLS - Raising the educational standards for HoCo nationally top-ranked
schools. Innovating and adapting to improved technology and facilities while
respecting and providing the best results for taxpayer dollars spent.
Advocate to reward talent over tenure.

PUBLIC SAFETY - Police, fire, and rescue services remain a high priority.
HoCo spoke - we will not sacrifice public safety for political correctness in our
communities. Testified against Sanctuary and provided analysis of CB9 to the
Council and the NoSanctuary HoCo Community group who
helped secure the VETO of CB9.

Watch Jim's Testimony Against CB9

SPENDING - Government’s most arduous yet simple task is to be
respectful of the taxes paid by YOU.

TAXES - I will fight to hold the line on taxes, be a responsible steward of,
and reduce taxes where possible.

CONSTITUENT SERVICES - With decades of private and public sector experience,
customer service is always a priority.

I will be responsive and available to our community.



MDGOP Candidate