Jim Walsh's School Safety Initiative Proposal



March 27, 2018

Jim Walsh, Republican candidate for Howard County council, today announced a new proposal to address student safety in Howard County schools.

Walsh’s proposal calls for using best available technology practices, including bullet-resistant glass and doors, communications systems, alarms, security cameras that can be monitored by police, and other features designed to stop an attacker in their tracks.

The estimated cost for installing this technology in every Howard County school would be approximately $40 million.  Walsh proposes to fund the security enhancements through private donations to a charitable foundation to be established.

“This is an issue that is too important to let partisan politics get in the way of a solution”, Walsh said.  He also explained the advantage to Howard County residents of using a charitable foundation for funding:  “Deductions for contributions to the foundation will not be limited by the recently-enacted tax act, which sets a cap on deductions for state and local taxes.  With roughly 100,000 households in Howard County, full funding for implementing the proposal could be achieved if each household contributed $80 per year for five years.”

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Authority: Citizens for Jim Walsh, Teresa Sanders, Treasurer

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